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My mission is to help our clients and partners gain meaningful competitive advantage over their competition. Let me tell you how we do it. Scroll down to learn more.

Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads by Borislav Velev

What I do

I help businesses scale and increase revenue by getting more clients leveraging Digital Marketing.

My secret sauce is the perfect mix of direct response marketing knowledge and experience combined with a deep understanding of social behavior and psychology.

In the last few years, I’ve been specializing in working with high-growth companies including thought leaders, entrepreneurs, professional service providers, e-commerce companies, affiliate companies, fast-growing SMBs and brands. I have been focused on assisting these companies to increase their ROI at a scale.

My expertise is  in scaling businesses & running high-yielding Digital Marketing and Paid Advertising Campaigns whether that is through a fully managed private client work, consulting, workshops, training events, or public speaking at seminars and conferences.

How Can I Help You?

Whether you are seeking for a cutting-edge agency capable of managing your entire digital marketing or part of it, aim to optimize your funnel, digital marketing or your upcoming product launch? Looking for results-driven consulting to help you maximize your returns, or looking to acquire the skills necessary to embark on your own marketing journey? If you recognize yourself, in these, rest assured that with my team we are here to provide the necessary solution.

How do I help you get results?

Consultation (1hr)
That is a great option if you have specific questions. Get the insights & answers you crave for.
Mentorship (3hr+)
Custom tailored consultation created to help you reach your business goals and give you meaningful competitive advantage. This option is perfect if you are looking to get more than just your questions answered, but to get insights & ideas that you might move the needle for your business.
Train your team
If you are looking for the most efficient way to train your team members – look no further. Whether it’s Facebook & Instagram ads, PPC,, holistic digital marketing, social media presence, marketing & sales funnels – I’ve got you covered.
Audit & Strategy
If you are looking to understand more about where your online presence and digital marketing need changes and what’s the best strategy you can use in order to improve the results you are already getting? Wanna figure out what you need to focus your efforts on? Or maybe you want to see if the team or agency you work with is using the best performance marketing practices? If so – schedule a call and let’s talk.


You can leverage my experience gained from driving success to more than 100 clients across many different verticals to make your online presence & digital marketing more effective than ever before.

Need help with your Facebook Ads? Instagram Ads? TikTok Ads? Here's how we can help:

Be Policy Compliant

Helping you be policy compliant and avoid ad account bans, to ensure long-term success.

Improve Performance

Helping you implement the industry best practices for your particular vertical.

Actionable Insights

Helping you figure out what works best for your business, so you can double down on it.

Scale to the roof

Helping you scale and profit from what’s working best in your Business
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